Craig Venter created a synthetic life-form from man-made DNA. Watch this.

Paul Rothemund has created a computer chip not just made of DNA, but used DNA as the programming language.  Watch this.

We already have DNA altered / bio-engineered food.

Paul has demonstrated proof of concept for creating a chip and memory out of DNA using DNA. Ever since I saw it, it became clear to me that robots increasingly intelligent and becoming conscious is not going to happen. “I, Robot” misses the point. Rather, I and the robot will be integrated into one being. As Paul and his team develop the DNA language and compiler and make chips and memory,we will then use a virus and integrate it with our DNA. The ‘watering can’ he mentioned will be our bloodstream. The DNA created cell phone won’t be in my pocket, it WILL BE my elbow. I don’t see why I’ll need a wire to connect to the internet either, or charge my cellphone or clothes.

Materials themselves are becoming intelligent and will be integrated, so our environment will no longer be so separate from ourselves as we become integrated with it.

In fact, once I can control the ‘computer’, I shall be able to reprogram myself consciously as needed. In tandem with others.
This has happened before. At one time there were a bunch of cells running around loose in an environment. At some point, some started to work together, grouped and become integrated. “Self” and “not Self” happened, and then came a “skin”.  All the cells were now components of a higher order being. The cells didn’t know about the being – heart cells are just pumping. Heart cells don’t vote in elections. But finally in the last few years we became conscious of our cells.
Now we humans are grouping together. To become parts of …
Plus ca change …
Kind of exciting tho’.