2001 took a new technology of the day, computers, and stretched the idea into a very credible future with mind-blowing consequences. People who hadn’t even seen the movie were talking about it.
Interstellar is similar but uses future technology, so it’s not as mind-blowing.
A movie exploring biotechnology would blow everyone’s mind.
Paul Rothemund is working on using DNA as a coding language (2007) and is making a computer out of DNA. A computer made of DNA can be integrated with our own DNA by using viruses as a vector. Clearly ‘robots’ are not going to happen, because we will be the robot. WiFi will be part of your elbow. Angela Belcher is selecting high performance DNA fragments using viruses. These fragments can also be integrated. Homo sap sap becomes Homo sap sap sap …
Further, machines are coming toward us from the other direction. We are integrating bio-solutions into machines. They will become wetter and wetter.
We will become integrated with and share these bio-machines. With each other.  Including ourselves, actually.
My spaceship will be me.
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I think Mr. Nolan could come up with some nifty ideas extrapolating these ideas and how they will come together.  And make an unforgettable, mind-blowing movie.