man sitting at bar with others, painted with orange dots

Media: Oil on canvas

Size: 122×92 cm

Price: $800 US




I don’t know either!  I painted this to honour a very powerful dream.



  1. ? the first thought that springs to my mind is “escape” – i.e, the man on the left is holding a glass (maybe alcohol, the dreaded ‘baiju’!!……and on the right he’s escaping the clutches of the yellow demon – on the right he seems to be elevating a candle…….has he seen the light? Many thoughts on this painting, Giulio!!

    • Julie, those are good thoughts. When I look at this now, several years later, the colour of the demon is important. Only the demon has colour. It is when we confront and integrate our demons that we begin to have colour and joy in our lives rather than fear. I am happy you saw something here.


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