Woman, bare shoulders, in blue hat. Blue background

Media: Oil on canvas

Size: 40 x 50 cm

Price: $600 US


Artist Comment

Vermeer’s woman in a red hat – heartstopping. Then I saw Picasso did a woman in a hat, many. So I wanted to do one. Couldn’t do red, been done, I chose blue. This is another early work. I painted the hat, then put in the face. How it is “supposed” to look was strong in my mind at that time. I destroyed a wonderful image. A friend came in and admired my progress. The woman looked looted, afraid, from Auschwitz she said. I felt good and kept painting. The next time she saw it she cried what have you done?! It’s gone, you’ve destroyed it! In my effort to make it look “right”, I destroyed the painting’s energy, its original authenticity and feeling. It’s still there but behind the image. You have to look awhile then you feel it.

I learned a lesson, and I hope other artists don’t listen to ANYBODY! Just their heart. Your work is always good then. Still, when I look at this woman, her sadness seeps out and touches me and I can’t look at it for long. I feel her deep, unspeakable melancholy and hopelessness behind those eyes.


  1. I like this one Giulio!

    I just really like the composition, the colour, the expression in the eyes. It all works for me! It does have a cool combination of old world and new.

    • Thank you Steve. This one means a lot to me. It is the most authentic and feeling that I have done.


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