People can understand that a glass of hot water will naturally become room temperature – increasing entropy. But those same people can see, right in front of them, that things are not returning to some boring average. When you get on a bus, and go to work – this is not increasing disorder in the world. Someone made that bus!  It is not the result of a random process of jostling atoms.

The Second Law is incomplete.

Life is not random, it is by definition choice. Fundamentally, a being makes choices to stay alive and make more beings. Not choosing too often results in not being.

Through choice, entropy is reversed, entropy being the natural tendency to disorder, ie things left on their own. Choice clearly is the opposite.


Life has memory as well as needs which enables better choices.

Because of this memory, constantly updated, and the current situation (dynamic or ever-changing) no one can predict the choice.

Therefore: complexity.

Life reproduces and increases. This accelerates the reduction of entropy.