Night scene of man reading a newspaper by a penis lampost called TRUTH, Standing by a lampost in the shape of a penis surrounded by a sun of light. In the left foreground is a tree with a squirrel at the bottom looking at the man.

Media: Oil on canvas

Size: 40 x 51

Price: $400 US


Artist Comment

I think this is hilarious and why God has a sense of humour. As often, the idea just popped into my mind. What is key is that I didn’t reject it but painted it. I think most people are much more creative than they realize. They just think too much or say oooh I can’t do that! or deny their truth. So the truth never comes out. They don’t give their creativity a chance or let it out.

Like so many, this man is looking for the truth. It’s right in front of him but he can’t/won’t see it. In fact, it is Truth providing the light for his search. The squirrel is there on purpose, a symbol. Truth is NOT found in a book. Books are good, they are not the answer, they are to get you out of your chair! Leave the book at home. And leave. Then you will start to arrive at where you want to go 🙂


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