Tea pot, lid, spoon, and mushrooms on a table. Sexual connotations

Media: Oil on canvas

Size: 61 x 46 cm

Price: $1200 US


Artist Comment

From the depths of depression. I was feeling really bad. I knew I had to paint, but I didn’t have any ideas and I j u s t  felt bad. What? I was staring at the table in front of me – well I’ll just paint that. The teapot, lid n spoon. I arranged them and got my camera. As I got up I saw some mushrooms in the kitchen. Why not! Who cares. As I painted, the depression lifted and I realized how wonderful and complex and deep the image is. The masculine and feminine, the sexuality and the sensuality.The image is quiet yet lovely. There is only one colour used – burnt sienna – plus a few touches of highlight on the teapot. But it’s all done in one colour. I had to figure out how to make the background object the centre of interest. Painting saves me.

I really like this one.


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