Media: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 91 x 60 cm

Price: $1200 US

Collection: In private collection

Artist Comment

I was in Korea and became really aware of how culture molds and imprisons us. Korea has a very strict tight society. One does things the Korean way. The fear in people of being ‘different’ is quite noticeable and I found it increasingly uncomfortable.  I created this image of jails. (the people images are paper I coloured and pasted on the canvas) The women are pink and lying down – of course. The men I coloured blue and are upside down. All are in a jail of their own making and also imposed on them. The jail is created in our mind and the bars are the ideas of what is right/bad, do/not do. I wrote these confining ideas on the jail bars. Such as: “No choice”, “I am right”, “Pray to God but don’t listen”, “it’s safe in here!”.

I had a show in Korea, and I had a lot of good comments about it, especially from young people. YES they said, you’re right.

Truly our mind and culture is our prison.   “God is Truth” is hidden in the bottom right corner.

The purchaser understood. And bought it.


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