surreal woman in seated meditation pose, space within her legs is a mouth, head down. Cobalt blue background, red-orange easy chair

Media: Oil on canvas

Size: 61 x 76 cm

Price: $1500 US



Seated Woman_I hung on my studio wall for over a year and I kept thinking about it. Others saw it and many thought it was a study. It is not. Yet I felt there was more to do somehow. Finally I sat down and just sketched and played with the image. In only a couple of hours I had 3 more images.  I could see a progression.

Seated Woman III shows contemplation for a third time. Here it is a more traditional, more real than surreal pose. We know what is going on. Connections to the previous 2 images are there, such as the chair, heart and lips but an ongoing evolution is clear. The internal is becoming conscious.


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