portrait of woman sitting on a bed, day lit from behind, wearing a skirt, about to put on a camusol

Media: Oil on canvas

Size: 61 x 91 cm

Price: $1500 US



Layers is the culmination of the Seated Woman series. Here we have a real woman, the outer expression and experience of that archetypal process. She is calm and confident. She knows herself. It is morning, she has woken from her self-contemplation. She is getting ready to engage the world in daily life. Outside is pure light, filtered by curtains and hangings. The bed is covered with sheets. She wears a simple skirt and is about to put on her camisole. Her skin is translucent, glowing from her inner light. Her flesh, like the camisole and curtains, are layers filtering and transmitting the Light.  All this constitutes what she is.


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