hobbit with axe in right hand beckoning the viewer to come with him, bright blue eyes. Unnerving image

Media: Acrylic on black paper

Size: 56×71 cm

Price: Not for sale




The third painting I did. Now I knew I had something. There was no book or picture to copy from – I did this totally out of my imagination. I always know what the energy wants to say and what form it takes, here a hobbit with an axe.

This was incredibly difficult for me. I was practically in tears at the end, because I couldn’t do the axe arm. I tried and tried and it never looked right. At that time I didn’t even know the word foreshortening. The axe is in his right hand. I am right handed. To paint this I got a mirror and an axe. I’d grab the axe and look at myself in the mirror, then I’d paint a few strokes. Grab the axe again, look, paint a bit more.

I gave up and put it away.Feeling quite badly.

About a month later I took it out and looked –  The axe arm looked right! I had done it! I had succeeded because I painted what I actually saw. I can do this.  

So then I took my first course: “Dare to Paint” at the local School of Art. I was on my way.





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