Tree in left foreground with river flowing behind it. Background contains high rocky walls with river flowing and disappearing between them. One man on right drinks water from his hand, bent over the river's edge. A companion's hand is visible. A butterfly is near the tree, a reflection of its wing in the water.

Media: Oil on canvas

Size: 53 x 72

Price: $600 US


Artist Comment

What’s not seen is just as important. Healthy man, healthy nature. What is going on to have created this?  I wanted a way to express a living harmony, a reality not just a concept or an abstraction. Yet this part is isolated, away from people, tho’ there is a connection in the background. A retreat. An inner space. A lot of movement coupled within stillness. Is the water coming or going? The tree dominates, but doesn’t overwhelm. I enjoyed trying to get the shades of colour just right so they looked right in the picture, eg how far away are they?


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