Nude woman kneeling with her hands tied. Two different ropes - one ties her hands, heaven holds the other, keeping her from falling. Black and grey background

Media: Oil on Canvas

Size: 122 x 92

Price: $3500 US


Artist Comment

One of my best.

The key to this painting is that the ropes are different. During this period, I was really stuck on being helpless, stuck here on earth, no control. A lot of suffering. We don`t ask for this, and the only way out is suicide. Yet somehow I had this deeper feeling – submission to a higher power has to be an answer. It was like an incubation. I wanted a really strong image for such an intrinsic, primordial conundrum. I thought of being in bondage here, and wham! I got the image. We feel good, after we submit and accept our situation. Of course I do not mean accept the things here, rather being here. Here, we are to do our best to make things better.

I know some will like this for the titillation. That`s fine too.

Also, I want to tell you that, as an artist, this was wonderful. Because as I sketched and tried to draw it, I realized there are actually only a few lines!  From nose to toe is only ONE curve!  This really made an impression on me. I tried to keep it simple to make it powerful. It is totally out of proportion, yet…


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