seated surreal woman, smiling at viewer, green/blue easy chair breaking up, woman has legs ready to go, red triangle chest

Media: Oil on canvas

Size: 61 x 76 cm

Price: $1500 US



Seated Woman_I hung on my studio wall for over a year and I kept thinking about it. Others saw it and many thought it was a study. It is not. Yet I felt there was more to do somehow. Finally I sat down and just sketched and played with the image. In only a couple of hours I had 3 more images.  I could see a progression.

Seated Woman IV, still surreal, shows a woman getting ready to step out. Literally. She has legs now, the chair is disintegrating. She is quite conscious and smiles at us. The chair, heart and lips are more natural. The woman is now conscious and joining the world.


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