Surreal image of woman contemplating herself in red padded chair, legs attached to it, green background, looking up, embracing her shoulders, fingers laced, two breasts peering out of a red mouth across her chest

Media: Oil on canvas

Size: 61 x 76 cm

Price: $1500 US



Seated Woman_I hung on my studio wall for over a year and I kept thinking about it. Others saw it and many thought it was a study. It is not. Yet I felt there was more to do somehow. Finally I sat down and just sketched and played with the image. In only a couple of hours I had 3 more images.  I could see a progression.

Seated Woman II shows contemplation again, but now it is active rather than passive. She is not submissive. She is more together. There is intent. There is a strong tension and aggression, yet held back.  Everything is still internal.


  1. Your paintings have progressed so much from the first seated woman to the third. This one is abstract and modern, while the first one has some realism to it with a mixture of surrealism. These paintings are beautiful, you have a great colour palette!

    • Thank you for your kind comments Heather. I just want to say that the images arose on their own as I did further sketching on Seated Woman I. A lot of my work is like this. I painted what came up. In SW III, the chair IS orange-red, I just painted the colour it is, rather than choosing it. I played with the shape and colour til they felt right for what was going on. I wasn’t thinking abstract or modern – I am not sure what these really mean. I do love colour though! It is the feminine that progressed, not my painting 🙂 However the more I paint, my painting progresses too. I am doing a landscape now in a completely different manner to anything I’ve done before.


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