Landscape of Huang Shan. Cedar trees in left foreground. Several mountains receding covered in clouds and distant skyline.

Media: Oil on canvas

Size: 83 x 82, requires mounting

Price: $1500 US 


Artist Comment

This is a collage of several pictures plus my memory of being at Huang Shan. It is lovely there. You stand and watch the clouds below you and imagine the animals in the  rocks around you.

I had a show in Korea. A man looked at it for the longest time. Finally I went up and asked him why he kept on looking at it. I said I had painted it. He was a major in fine arts, and specialized in composition. He said this was a terrific composition. In those days, I didn’t really know what composition meant. I just tinkered with pieces so they looked right. It’s a lovely painting tho’. And a special place.


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