Large pit, with face of a monster deep in it. At top 2 tiny figures - a guide and an acolyte - are standing precariously on a thin bar or walkway across the top. From the sky dangles a rope. The acolyte must jump for the rope to get out, risking falling back into the pit.

Media: Oil on canvas

Size: 97 x 162 cm

Price: Not For Sale


Artist Comment

I keep this painting in my home as a constant reminder about fear and what I need to do. I must make a leap of faith – in other words trust. That is the culmination of my growing. We all start at the bottom of our personal pit and have to fight our way out. It has been the most challenging thing I have done. I never thought I would or even could be a painter, yet my personal path demands it. Each person must find their own truth and follow it. Or remain asleep at the bottom. Suffocated. I need to jump for that rope being offered to me (hard to see on the website) and risk falling back into the pit. Say good-bye to my trusted guide and now lead my own life. Of course, in real life the jump is a process too. You`ll be happy to know I`ve grabbed the rope, tho`still a little terrified 🙂  Pretty exciting life actually

I first painted this on the wall of my hotel room in Shanghai where I was teaching English at the time. I couldn`t take it with me to Korea, so I painted it on canvas there. The painting is inspired by a dream I had.


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